Leeuwpoort Integrated Housing Development

Revolutionizing the Landscape: Leeuwpoort Integrated Housing Development on a Quest for Equitable Living

CRI was commissioned to conduct a comprehensive Cost-Benefit Analysis (CBA) for the inclusionary Leeuwpoort Integrated Housing Development in the City of Ekurhuleni. The project aims to address housing challenges and create inclusive communities, offering a diverse array of housing options, social facilities, and retail and commercial amenities.

The Leeuwpoort Integrated Housing Development envisions over 24,000 mixed residential units, spanning several phases. It also includes an ambitious expansion of the city's bulk and link infrastructure, ensuring seamless connectivity to the urban landscape. The project goes beyond residential solutions, planning for core communal non-residential facilities like schools, hospitals, and parks.

CRI's meticulous CBA analysis, using the Integrated Investment Appraisal (IIA) methodology, provides insights into the project's financial impact and broader national implications. The results have been shared with project sponsors and the Infrastructure Fund team, empowering stakeholders to evaluate the project's outcomes and its profound impact on targeted communities, aiming for a vibrant and harmonious city.