Southern Farms Mega City Project

Embarking on a Path of Progress: Southern Farms Mega City Project Set to Revolutionize Johannesburg's Housing Landscape

CRI has been tasked with conducting a comprehensive Cost-Benefit Analysis (CBA) for the Southern Farms Mega City Project in Johannesburg, South Africa. With a focus on addressing the city's pressing housing crisis driven by rapid urbanization, the initiative aims to create diverse and inclusive communities while alleviating housing shortages. The project encompasses seven precincts, offering a diverse array of housing typologies, including multi-storey fully subsidised units and partially subsidised bonded units, single-storey partially subsidised bonded units and fully bonded units, and non-residential properties. With over 43,000 residential units planned to be built, they will be accompanied by non-residential facilities like commercial, industrial, and institutional spaces.

CRI's meticulous analysis, using the Integrated Investment Appraisal (IIA) methodology, provides a comprehensive evaluation of the project's financial and economic impact, considering implications on a national scale. The results have been shared with the esteemed project sponsors, facilitating a thorough assessment of the project's outcomes and its impact on targeted communities. The Southern Farms Mega City Project represents effective collaboration and a visionary initiative that promises to redefine Johannesburg's housing landscape and serve as a model for future urban development.