Redevelopment of Six Ports of Entry in South Africa

Unlocking the Gateway to Progress via Trade Facilitation and Physical Movement: CRI Partners with South Africa’s National Department of Home Affairs for Port Redevelopment

CRI has been entrusted to conduct a comprehensive economic analysis for the Redevelopment of Six Ports of Entry in the country. The project aims to modernize and streamline critical gateways, optimizing trade, bolstering national security, and enhancing the visitor experience.

Key strategic ports of entry identified for rehabilitation. CRI's analysis delves into the anticipated contributions to local, regional, and national economies, potential income and tax revenues, cargo handling efficiency, and the region's overall competitiveness. It also addresses potential risks and uncertainties, comparing the proposed project with alternative scenarios. Armed with this wealth of insights, stakeholders are empowered to make informed decisions, navigating towards a future that exudes progress, efficiency, and harmonious connectivity.