Moretele North-Klipvoor Bulk Water Supply Scheme

Unveiling the Path to Sustainable Water Solutions: Moretele North-Klipvoor Bulk Water Supply Scheme

CRI was contracted to conduct the Cost-Benefit Analysis (CBA) for the Moretele North-Klipvoor Bulk Water Supply Scheme. The project aims to address water supply shortages in the Moretele North region, as well as the Bela-Bela, Modimolle-Mookgophong, and Mogalakwena Local Municipalities in Limpopo, South Africa. These areas have existing water supply deficits, which are expected to worsen due to population growth and mining-related activities. The analysis answers a constellation of pivotal questions, including:

  • What is the impact of the increased water supply on the local population?
  • How does this affect the municipalities who will be in charge of reticulating the bulk water supply to the final consumers?
  • What impact does this project have on surrounding mines and industrial activities?
  • Is this even a profitable endeavour for the project owner?
  • Is this project bankable?

All these questions and much more are answered by the Cost-Benefit Analysis executed by CRI. The analysis comprises an evaluation of the financial impact of the project from the perspective of both its sponsor, an all-encompassing economic analysis from the country’s perspective, a stakeholder analysis to reveal the project’s effect on all affected parties, and a risk analysis to foresee and manage any potential risks.